Configuration of Beetel 450 TC1 WiFi ADSL Modem for Airtel Broadband

Now you have to configure the Modem as per your requirement. The Modem may be preconfigured with Multiple Virtual Circuits as per the ISP. You have to edit/delete the preconfigured circuits according to your ISP. Click the PVC summery button to get the Service Information summary. In this popup window you will get the pre configured circuits.

If you want to configure your Modem for Airtel select the PVC which is configured with VPI=0 and VCI=35 (In this screenshot it is PVC2). For Airtel go for the PVC which is configured with VPI=0, VCI=32 (In the screenshot it is not present . In this case you have to select any PVC and edit it). For Airtel go for the PVC configured with VPI=1, VCI=32 (Here it is PVC0)

Close the Summery Popup window and select the required PVC as specified in the above mentioned step. Now here we have selected PVC2 for configuring the modem for Airtel broadband connection (Remember we selected PVC2 because it is already configured with VPI=0 and VCI=32 which is the settings for Airtel)

Select ATM QoS as UBR

Encapsulation ISP PPPoE/PPPoA

  • Service name (Anything to identify your ISP- say dataone, Airtel etc)
  • Username and Password (Supplied by your ISP)
  • Encapsulation – PPPoE LLC
  • Bridge Interface- Deactivated
In Connection Settings
  • Connection- Always On
  • Rest all settings keep as it is
Save the settings